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Who Are MyLife Financial?

MyLife Financial was founded by Matt Conlon to provide unbiased and professional financial advice in all areas of financial planning. The business specialise in protection advice for families, individuals and businesses alike, and strive to cut through the jargon that is often associated with financial planning advice. They pride themselves on their approachability, and there no nonsense approach to their work.

The Problem

As a startup business, MyLife Financial had nothing in the way of branding or any sort of website. We needed to help the company establish themselves, and communicate their brand messaging effectively. We did this through creating a brand for the company, and a website to match.

Colour Palette







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The Result

The resulting website and logo helped MyLife Financial establish their online reputation in the locality through a simple to understand, approachable interface and a welcoming brand.

Inquiries through the site are informative and help reduce administrative overhead by categorising inquiries page by page, and collecting the correct information depending on the service in question.

A quick load time, mobile friendly layout, and an effective initial SEO setup have helped MyLife Financials traffic grow steadily over the months since the websites launch.

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