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We make your website and business show up higher in Google Search results. People are looking for businesses just like yours online, are they finding you?

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People Are Looking For Your Business.

People are on Google right now looking for a business just like yours. If you aren’t being found, your competition is!

We’re an expert SEO agency here to grow your business by getting your website in front of potential customers. We do this by optimising your site, performing digital PR, and creating world class content your audience loves to engage with.

We'll Take Your Website Traffic To New Heights.

The more potential customers you have hitting your website, the more paying customers you have as a result! We make sure your website is full of content that answers the questions your audience are looking for.


Improve Rankings

Let Google know what you do, who you do it for, and how well you do it. That way, you show up in front of people who want to do business with you.

Generate Traffic

Higher rankings mean more interested visitors hitting your site.

Boost Business

With more interested potential customers landing on your website, your lead generation and new business will boom.

An SEO Agency You Can Rely On.

We’re an honest, professional agency and have a real passion for driving Irish businesses forward. We pride ourselves on the long term relationships we have formed with our clients, and our weekly reporting ensures a transparent and open business relationship.

What Our SEO Services Include.

Keyword Research

We survey your industry and your potential audience, finding out what terms people are searching, and how often. We look for opportunities on low-competition, high volume search terms that can generate traffic.

Competitor Analysis

We analyse your key competitors, discovering what they are doing right, and what they are doing wrong. This lets us build a detailed plan of where our priorities should lie moving forward.

Content Creation

We work with you to create content that targets the right keywords, as well as the intentions of your potential customers. Our level of involvement in the creation of this content is flexible - we can go hands off and just recommend the topics for you, or we can go hands on and research and write everything ourselves!

Link Building

Links are like websites having conversations about other websites, and Google is listening! Having other websites deem your site worthy of linking to is a positive signal to Google that you mean business. We work with a network of publishers and bloggers across the internet to ensure that your site gets the exposure it deserves.

Publisher Outreach

A great way to build search authority is by having other websites talking about you! We manage press releases and media outreach to help generate a buzz about your business.

Website Optimisation

All the above is no good if the website you're sending all this traffic to isn't optimised! Factors like how long people spend on your site, if it's secure or not, and how quickly it loads are also ranking factors that we optimise for.

SEO Packages.

Packages to suit every business, we drive results through generating real, relevant interest online in your brand.

Local Pack

350/month (Ex VAT)
  • NAP Directory Listings
  • Link Building
  • Optimised Content Update Guide
  • Google My Business Optimisation
  • Up to 20 Keywords Tracked
  • Monthly Reporting

Enterprise Pack

2500/month (Ex VAT)
  • Everything in the leader pack
  • High Authority Link Building
  • Up to 100 Keywords Tracked
  • 2 Blog Posts a Month
  • 2 Guest Posts a Month
  • Weekly Reporting

Hear From Our Customers.

We’ve made them very happy, and we’re Westmeaths highest rated agency.

Based on 21 reviews
MORE Architecture
MORE Architecture
May 26, 2021.
Easily the best agency in the midlands region! My firm, More Architecture, have worked with Upfront Digital on several projects over the years and have been consistently amazed at the results we've gotten. Marc & Shane have created some wonderful websites for us that really increased customer conversions, and helped us rank higher on Google across the board. Would strongly recommend Upfront Digital for any and all of your web design & marketing needs!
Rory O'Reilly
Rory O'Reilly
May 26, 2021.
Easily the best agency in the midlands region! My firm, More Architecture, have worked with Upfront Digital on several projects over the years and have been consistently amazed at the results we've gotten. Marc & Shane have created some wonderful websites for us that really increased customer conversions, and helped us rank higher on Google across the board. Would strongly recommend Upfront Digital for any and all of your web design & marketing needs!
Éilis Moore
Éilis Moore
May 24, 2021.
Would highly recommend Marc and the team at Upfront Digital. Very friendly, professional and a genius at what they do. I was amazed at the quality of the website they built for me. Everything was explained so well and the aftercare service is brilliant. 5 + stars
September 23, 2020.
Absolutely thrilled with the service provided by the guys from Upfront Digital. They designed my e-commerce website from scratch, did exactly what I asked for and really went an extra mile to make sure the page was particularly how I wanted. They are so responsive and always picked up the phone to answer whatever questions I had. They carried out their work quickly, efficiently and in a very professional manner. Im highly recommending them to whomever needs a professional website!
2210 Patisserie
2210 Patisserie
June 11, 2020.
Great working with the guys, making my plans come to life 😀
William Moran
William Moran
May 21, 2020.
As a graphic designer freelancer, I needed the right web design partner. Someone I could rely on when working with my own customers. I can't say enough good things about the guys in Upfront! They take the time to understand feedback and briefs and it's always a pleasure working with them. Communication is always quick, and you know what to expect when working together. Upfront Digital are the right guys to enhance your website and digital marketing.
Michael Keyes
Michael Keyes
May 18, 2020.
I've worked with Upfront Digital on several website designs over the years and I'm always impressed at their approach. Undertaking a new website design can be daunting for small businesses but these guys always have great ideas and are always on the ball in terms of communication. I'd strongly recommend Upfront Digital to anyone looking to reach new customers through their website.
Colm Baker
Colm Baker
December 12, 2019.
I was really happy with my new website designed and developed by Upfront Digital. The process was simple, well managed and the end result was terrific. I have recommended Upfront Digital to numerous clients and colleagues and they have been very happy with the results.
Bill Collentine
Bill Collentine
June 27, 2019.
Great quality products, good price and great staff

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Frequently Asked Questions.

What is SEO?

Put simply, it’s a combination of two things:


  1. Making your website easy for Google to understand. 
  2. Getting other websites to talk about and link to your website.


There are any number of ways to do these 2 things. Between making sure the content on your website is helpful and on topic, to editing the code and layout of your site so Google understands the purpose of each section, to creating content that other websites will happily link to as a reference on their own webpages. We use those techniques, among many other, to ensure your site ranks where it should for the right search terms.

Do I need SEO?

Yes, you do.

Why? Let’s say you are a solicitor. People in your area looking for a solicitor who don’t know anyone who can recommend them one will go straight to Google and seek one out. 

That person will check out the first result on Google. Probably the second. Maybe the third, and sometimes, the fourth. 

The higher up in those search results YOU are, the more people end up on your website, giving you the chance to sell them on your skills and services through your website.

If you aren’t in those results, your website is just gathering dust. 

In fact, the amount of businesses with perfectly good websites who never get any leads from them is staggering, simply because they can’t be found! 

It’s like opening a shop in a shed in your back garden and not telling anybody about it, compared to opening on the high street where everyone can see you.

If you want more business from your website, you need SEO. You might also need Paid Advertising (Ads on Google and Facebook)

You might even need both! Have a chat with us and let’s see what would suit your business the best.

Why would I do SEO when I can do Google Ads?

Honestly? 50% of clicks on Google are on ads, and 50% are on organic search results. Google ads gets you on the ads, and SEO gets you on the organic results. If you are only doing one of these, you are missing out on the other!


SEO and PPC advertising like Google Ads both have their place in your marketing plan. An advantage with Google Ads is that you get your website traffic instantly, a disadvantage is that once you stop running the ads, the traffic stops too. SEO is a longer term investment that secures you traffic that keeps coming for as long as you rank, which could be for years at a time!


Both SEO and Paid Advertising compliment each other in that they communicate with your audience on different platforms, at different stages of the marketing funnel, and 


If you’ve already been doing one, you have a lot of data to now inform the other. 


PPC and SEO together are part of a match made in heaven!

How much should SEO cost?

SEO is a time intensive process. A real Search Engine Optimisation company will spend their time researching your industry around the web, finding genuine valuable websites for you to associate yourself with. We have procured links on large publications by building relationships with writers and publishers. Being associated with the right kinds of websites puts your site, and your business, on the map.


Cheap SEO services don’t do any manual outreach, and instead spam your links across networks of hundreds of sites that they own. These sites are “fake” websites. No one goes on them, and they are obvious at a glance because they have no overall topic, poorly written articles, and poor website design. These are called “Private Blog Networks” or PBNs, and google search for these networks all the time. If they are found, and your site is involved in them, you are at serious risk of your website being pushed off the search results completely as a penalty.


Our Local Search plan is the lowest you should expect to pay for any kind of real SEO work, where we manually vet the sites we submit your website to. We ensure the sites are either high authority or relevant to your niche (ideally both!)


Our Local plan (€300 a month) is suitable for a small business that serves a fixed geographic area, like a town or a county.


Our Leader plan (€600 a month) would suit service businesses who can work with clients nationally, or E-Commerce websites who deliver nationally.


Our Enterprise plan (€2500) would work great for the above kinds of businesses, as well as for startup franchises or businesses looking to get visibility and grow quickly. The Enterprise plan is one of the best ways to gain national recognition over time.

How long until I see some results with SEO services?

There used to be simpler answers to this question, however Googles ranking algorithm is smarter than ever, and even more cryptic. It used to be simple to game the system with dubiously moral methods of tanking your competitors sites, bullying your way up to the top. 

Nowadays, Google’s Rankbrain AI is smart, and it’s generally scanning the web for the most helpful and useful response to a search query. This is where we come in! We figure out what people are looking for, and let you know, so together we can answer their questions and get their traffic (and eventually their business!)

We’ve had some great results in as little as 2 months, with clients jumping to top 3 spots in their industries quickly and staying there. In more competitive industries it could be as much as 6 months.

Will I have to write my own content?

Depends on what plan you’re on!


Our Local Pack covers a set amount of hours per work month. In this time, it wouldn’t be feasible for us to perform the research necessary to write stellar content about your business. Instead, we perform keyword and search intent research to find content topics, questions, and answers that you (the expert in your own industry) can then write and submit to us for editing and tidying up. Once you can give us all the facts in a structured way, we can then turn that into 1 blog post a month for your website by editing it for clarity, brevity, and keyword optimisation.


Our Leaders Pack customers get 2 blog posts researched and written a month – 1 for your own site and 1 to be posted on someone else’s, linking back to yours. We handle all the posting, and the submissions. This gives you a boost in publicity, as well as letting Google know that other sites think yours is worth linking to! Additional posts can be added on to your package at a fixed rate of €300 per post.


Our Enterprise Pack clients get 4 well-researched, keyword optimised posts delivered to them a month. We’ll spend time researching and generating content ideas for your industry that we think will gain traction and attention for your company, We’ll develop relationships for your business with online publishers looking to share interesting content about your industry, and get you the exposure you deserve.

A backlink is a link from one website to another. 

For example, if an article written in The links to your website inside the article, you’ve just gotten a backlink from the Journal!

Backlinks are helpful, but quality is definitely more important than quantity: One link from the Irish Times will help you out more than 20 links from brand new blogs with only a couple of posts.


Relevancy is important too! For example, if you’re an accountant that works with small businesses, a link from a site about business and finance is going to be better than a link from a food review blog. We work to make sure your links come from the most relevant and authoritative sites available.

How do we get started?

Just arrange a call with us below!

Why You Need SEO: The Numbers.

68 %

of online experiences start with a search engine.

99 %

of searchers don't look past page 1 on search results.

68 %

of online traffic comes from Google searches

What does a typical SEO Project With Upfront Digital Look Like?

01. We Analyse Your Current SEO Situation.

We’ll audit your existing website for all of the core Google ranking factors. We’ll see how it’s loading, how your text and code is optimised, and more. 

If we think your existing site is just too outdated or might push your visitors away, we’ll also recommend a redesign. There’s no point driving a ton of traffic to a site that won’t convert visitors into customers!

02. We Research Your Industry and Creep On Your Competitors.

We’ll get started with the keywords you tell us you’re targeting – generally the names of your services offerings or products. As this research continues, we will find new keywords that are opportunities for increased presence in Google Results.

Then we will research your competitors: Their websites, what they rank for, and where they are failing. We’ll look for opportunities to improve your websites visibility and increase your organic traffic. We might even find competitors you weren’t aware of! People who rank for terms you could be ranking for that aren’t local or part of your business network. 

03. We Create Your SEO Strategy.

Once our work together starts, we’ll put together our in-depth research into a plan. This plan will detail the first 3 months of your SEO campaign.Our plans are living documents, that change as we experiment and figure out what techniques are working the best for your website.

Based on the goals we’ve set together, this SEO plan will focus on your website’s current state and opportunities to improve.

04. We Implement Your Strategy and Continually Make Improvements.

SEO is not a one-and-done process. Your SEO Partner at Upfront Digital will continually monitor how your websites rankings respond to what we’re doing, and keep an eye on what your competitors are up to.

This allows us to prioritise what work needs to be done ahead of time, and keep an eye on wider trends in the SEO landscape that we can take advantage of on your behalf. We don’t take individual improvements for granted. We will always be looking for ways to improve your websites rankings and traffic.

05. Watch Your Site Rank Higher, Your Traffic Increase, And The Customers Come In!

As we continue to work on your SEO, your site will rank higher for more and more keywords. That means you’ll get more and more traffic. And more and more customers! So let’s get your site more traffic and work together!

Get A Free SEO Review Of Your Current Website!

We’ll get back to you within 1 business day with a free SEO audit report. This can serve as a foundation for your strategy moving forward!

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