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Who is Shane Flynn Fitness?

Shane is an experienced gym owner in Mullingar who has also operated in the GAA and body building spaces. As well as operating a gym, Shane works in Neuromuscular Therapy and Corporate Fitness. Always pushing himself to his limits, he also appeared on RTEs Ultimate Hell Week. Shane also operates an online subscription based fitness training service.

The Problem

Shanes business has several different key areas of operation: 

  1. Gym
  2. Personal Training
  3. Online Coaching
  4. Neuromuscular Therapy
  5. Corporate Fitness Events

He wanted to bring this range of offerings together under one website, as well as automate the processes that come hand in hand with these services.

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The Result

The majority of this websites functionality is hidden behind a subscription service, or utilised in the day to day management of the business through the backend.

This site allows for up to date subscribers to access a library of tutorial content and courses for health & fitness programs, a range of written content on nutrition, and recipes endorsed and used by Shane.

With our integration of a simple checkout process and easy to navigate customer portal, revenue on the site improved substantially from our redesign of the sites visuals & flow.

Administrative overhead on the site also went down substantially, saving staff time and headaches.

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